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Clubbing experiences should not put guests in danger or create disadvantages. Else is committed to accommodating autonomy and creating an environment built around mutual respect. We believe that club culture should not reproduce the discriminating structures of our society, but instead create an environment to counter and combat. Whilst we appreciate that we have no ready-made solutions, the team here at Else are dedicated and are working on ourselves. From our own experience we know that things don't always work out the way we want them to. That is why we want to continually reexamine our own positions and privileges and create an understanding and awareness for internalized and structural discrimination. By taking concrete action, we want to protect the club as a space where everyone feels safer, respected and welcome.


Our team undergoes regular anti-discrimination workshops and has developed guidelines for dealing with substance abuse or aggressive behavior. Responsible staff are working to increase awareness for diversity and equality issues in the long term. We aspire to see this process of re-education reflected at all levels — from our programming to our guest experience and door policy through to our internal structures. Ultimately, we want to be there for our guests, in every one of those moments when urgent action is needed. Else is a place for acceptance and diversity, and a safer space for all. If you feel uncomfortable or want toshare any (negative) experiences please contact us:

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