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16:00 – LATE


OPEN AIR - Porzellan Bar - „Thursday, I'm in Love' with Special Guest XXX, Raven, Kaiser

“Special Guest XXX”


Kaiser (IT)




“die Grafik”

Aiden (1)

We got you covered! Our entire open-air dancefloor is covered by a transparent roof that will keep you warm and dry. 

- There’s a brand new, high-end sound system: Lambda Labs QX3. 

- A new DJ booth, which is surrounded by the crowd from all sides. 

- Our indoor room 2 begins after 22:00, brace yourself, it's the most powerful small room in the city. 

- Hang out and have a drink at our riverside terrace. 

- Hungry? We got oven baked pizza ready for you! 

- New bars and bathrooms. 

- Conveniently located in the heart of East Berlin. We're literally beside Treptower Park Sbahn Station. 

Age 18+ 

Tickets are available at the door. RA ticket does not guarantee entry, purchased tickets will be refunded in that case. Please note that we ONLY accept CARD payments at the entrance. CASH and CARD payment at the bar.

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