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14:00 - 07:00


Maceo Plex comes to Berlin for an extended set. The sound of the Lone Romantic label boss doesn’t fit into any category; he can produce sleek, groovy and intoxicating techno, wavey deep house and bright electro-pop, amongst other moods. It’s why he’s one of the most in-demand artists in the world.

Staub founder Irakli joins him. A local favourite in Berlin, Irakli platforms emerging artists on his label, Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound. Keen to explore many textures in music, from ambient soundscapes to high-octane techno, Irakli always conjures up an enchanting vibe on the dancefloor.

Having honed her craft in Barcelona’s house and techno scene for many years, vinyl head Lumière makes her Else debut. The Argentinian artist knows how to set the tone, dipping into deep and jazzy facets of electronic music.

DJ and sound designer Toxido Mask completes the bill. She draws influence from the rich complexities of sound, creating hypnotic moods in her sets and producing intriguing aesthetics on her label, Modex21. Beyond DJing and producing, she oversees the artistic direction of her collective, Catharsis.

Age 21+ 

Tickets are available at the door with a CARD or Bitcoin payment. RA ticket does not guarantee entry; purchased tickets will be refunded in that case.

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